The Screwsoaper Blog bids you welcome… from the fit, eager and energetic team of contributing editors: Dermott Ryder, Albert Abercrombie, Kate Wight, Tom Power and David Percy. There will be others from time to time.

The Navigation Column… to your immediate right contains a veritable ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ of literary gems. Starting, of course, with this ‘Welcome Page’, a click on this will bring you home, from wherever you are.

Abercrombie… the indefatigable, has a column in which, as usual, he will berate the bewildered, castigate the careless and generally tip the bucket on all who don’t view the world at large through his somewhat distorted bifocals.

The Screw Soapers Guild… is modelled, to some extent, on the Anacreontic Society of London, circa 1770 – 1790. That Society was a group of musicians, mostly amateur but with a sprinkling of professionals, that met regularly for dinner, a concert, with poetry readings, story telling and much merry making thereafter, as indeed we do.

Leave A Reply… In this format, we provide an opportunity for the reader to respond to the features presented. Please! Have your say. Share your thoughts with us and with other readers. In this way contribute to, encourage and benefit from the synergies so widespread throughout the folk-life community.

Once again… Welcome to ‘The Screwsoaper Blog’.

Any persons or organizations wishing to contact the Screwsoaper Blog editor, please. email: screwsoaper@optusnet.com.au


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